Litigation & Arbitration

Rafael Rodríguez

Associate - El Salvador

Rafael is an associate at Consortium Legal – El Salvador. He has more than 7 years of experience as a legal advisor and litigation attorney in various branches of law. He stands out, particularly in family law, childhood and adolescence, civil, commercial, and labor law. His experience has been cultivated in multiple courts and tribunals in El Salvador, where he has demonstrated exceptional legal strategy and oral advocacy skills.

Rafael holds a master’s degree in Family Law and has focused his specialization on crucial issues such as Childhood and Adolescence, Gender Violence, Human Rights, and Constitutional Law. Additionally, he shares his knowledge as a university lecturer at several institutions of higher education in El Salvador, teaching key subjects such as Family Law and Family Procedural Law. Moreover, he serves as a content advisor and a member of the research paper evaluation committee for postgraduate degrees in Family Law, Childhood and Adolescence, Human Rights, and Gender.

  • Bachelor’s degree in legal sciences, José Simeón Cañas University, El Salvador (2014).
  • Master’s degree in Family Law, Evangelica University, El Salvador (2017)