Real Estate Law

Paola Cantarero

Associate - Honduras

Paola is an associate at Consortium Legal – Honduras. With 15 years of experience in the sectors of infrastructure and retail; she has experience in real estate area, environment law and licensing procedures in environmental impact assessment and labor practice. During her career, she has been a legal advisor and trainer about environment license procedures/ environmental impact assessments at the Natural Resources, Environment and Mines Ministry of Honduras (Mi Ambiente+/SERNA); she has also been Legal analyst at Making Landowners Project of the Property Stabilization Direction at Land Institute of Honduras.

  • Lawyer assigned to the real estate part of “Vuelve al Centro” project at Tegucigalpa.
  • Lawyer involved at the acquisition, cadastral and legal regulation of the new US Embassy.
  • Lawyer involved in legal and cadastral regulation and Co-Ownership Regime creation of Vitri, Ventu and Nivo´s Buildings.
  • Environmental legal advisor projects such as CONCREMIX of Tegucigalpa.
  • Permanent advisor of Real Estate of Walmart of México and Central América.
  • Law degree at Catholic University of Honduras (UNICAH), Honduras (2008)
  • ISO 9001 Certificate – Total Quality Management (2008)
  • Honduran Bar Association