Corporate Law

Marcela Torres

Associate - El Salvador

Marcela is an associate at Consortium Legal – El Salvador, with 12 years of experience in the Procurement and Contracting sectors of the Public Administration, Construction Sector, and Bank Loans. She has extensive experience in notary law, public procurement and registry law. 

She has advised important transnational construction companies and architects in the legal area for the presentation of tender documents or bids; review of tender contracts; review and preparation of legal documents for bidding processes in both World Bank, IDB and LACAP projects. Currently, it belongs to the Notarial Department, where it develops giving support in the elaboration of notarial documents, as well as being responsible for verifying the quality of all documents to be incorporated in the different protocol books, always following the current legal requirements. She is in charge of managing the notarial activity of the firm and of safeguarding and administrating the protocols of the notaries, as well as advising  clients on corporate matters; she has carried out the national coordination of various companies in the fields, such as construction, Energies, among others; she has been in charge of providing advice to clients in real estate transactions, such as registry studies of real estate projects and acquisition plans, sales, leases, promotion and construction contracts, constitution of condominium regime and registry registration, preparation of administration regulations of Condominiums, government permits, feasibility and real estate financing.

She is experienced in the management of deed processes in the different registers, and she has performed as an UACI technician, executing different acquisition procedures such as free management and public tenders. Moreover, she has been a Junior Consultant for the ICR4GP program of the San Martín University in Argentina, researching on the state of the public acquisition areas in Central America.

  • Part of the multidisciplinary team that attends to the needs of our clients. It provides integral support in the notary area, ensuring that all acts and notary requirements comply with their formalities.
  • Part of the multidisciplinary team that attends clients in Real Estate transactions, especially in Condominium constitutions, their registration in the corresponding offices, and collaboration in the notarial process of sale of the properties of the different Urban Projects.
  • Diploma in Notary Law, Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas UCA, El Salvador (2016)
  • Bachelor´s Degree in Legal Sciences, Universidad Doctor José Matías Delgado, El Salvador (2012)
  • Attorney and Notary authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of El Salvador