Litigation & Arbitration

Lucy Murcia

Associate - El Salvador

Lucy Murcia is an associate at Consortium Legal – El Salvador. As a prominent professional with a strong track record in the legal field, she specializes in criminal and administrative law. Her expertise includes resolving conflicts from an administrative enforcement perspective, where she has demonstrated exceptional skills in legal analysis and the application of legal regulations.

With exemplary dedication to justice and legality, Lucy has made significant contributions to the legal system by providing her expert advice and actively participating in complex legal proceedings.

In addition to her outstanding work in the legal field, Lucy has extended her commitment to social well-being through involvement in Non-Profit Organizations. Her selfless dedication has led her to engage in projects and activities aimed at positively impacting the community, demonstrating her commitment to social responsibility, and contributing to the common good.

  • Bachelor´s Degree in Legal Sciences, Universidad Politécnica of El Salvador, El Salvador (2022).