Corporate Law

José Manuel Hernández

Associate - Honduras

José Manuel is an associate at Consortium Legal – Honduras. His career began with the completion of his professional practice at Consortium and in such a short time he was able to demonstrate his qualities in proactivity and diligence, which characterize him for the realization of the different processes in which he has been part of. He has been able to comply with a wide variety of administrative processes in sectors of public administration, processes before the National Commission of Banks and Insurance (CNBS), the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH), labor processes, due diligence reports and audits for institutions of the financial system such as BAC and Citibank Honduras.

  • Assistance in tax exoneration processes to several companies subject to special regimes.
  • Collaboration in several corporate processes and legal opinions for national and multinational companies such as Citibank Honduras and Aluma Systems.
  • Advice on obtaining authorizations for the transit, export and import of gunpowder and related materials.
  • Law Degree with Business Law Orientation, Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC), Honduras (2022)
  • Member, Honduran Bar Association
  • Member, Silver Hugs Foundation (2022)