Constitutional Law

Diana De Mata


Diana is an associate and the coordinator of the firm’s Department of Constitutional Affairs (DAC) in Consortium Legal – Guatemala. She has 11 years of experience in constitutional legal advice to clients whose principal line of business is focused in such sectors as food and beverages, financial, energy and education. She specializes in the formulation of constitutional actions, elaboration of opinions, opinions, analysis, studies, and investigations in constitutional matters, as well as in the analysis and study of constitutional jurisprudence.

Diana participated in the presentation of unconstitutionality actions filed against the Budget Law (2014), the Credit Card Law, the Regulation of the law of the Value Added Tax and the Regulation of the Income Tax Law.

In 2012 he prepared the essay “Economic Globalization and National Sovereignty: An Appropriate Legal Balance”, published in the Journal of the Faculty of University Law Francisco Marroquín, winner of the third place at the Inter-American level in the “Law Student Award” contest of the Inter-American Bar Association – Inter American Bar Association.

She is currently professor of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law of the Francisco Marroquín University.

  • Action of Unconstitutionality against the Congress Decree number 79-2000, Specific Tax on the Distribution of Cement Law.
  • Action of Unconstitutionality against the Congress Decree number 99-70, National Agricultural Development Bank Law.
  • Action of Unconstitutionality against the Governmental Decree of the President of the Republic from 1968, Regulation for the Manufacture, Import, Sale, Use, Handling and Control of Safety Caps.
  • Constitutional analysis of the Ministerial Decree number 204-2019 of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources which contains the Taxative List of Projects, Works, Industries or Activities that must have approved environmental instruments in order to operate in the country.
  • Constitutional analysis of regulatory provisions of the Congress Decree number 10-2012, Tax Update Law, concerning the distribution of dividends from banks or financial companies and the distribution of dividends between entities of a financial group.
  • Constitutional analysis of the Governmental Agreement of the President of the Republic number 137-2016, Regulation of environmental evaluation, control and monitoring.
  • Constitutional analysis of the Disaster Reduction Standard Number Two (NRD-2) of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) and of the and the User’s Manual for the Disaster Reduction Standard Number 2 (NRD2) of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED).
  • Master’s Degree in Constitutional Law (magna cum laude), Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences, Rafael Landívar University; Guatemala, (2014)
  • Lawyer and Notary (Magna Cum Laude), Faculty of Law, Francisco Marroquín University; Guatemala, (2012)
  • Member, College of Lawyers, and Notaries of Guatemala
  • Member, Center for the Defense of the Constitution (CEDECON)