Derecho Migratorio

David Núñez

Asociado - Nicaragua

David is an associate at Consortium Legal – Nicaragua, with 5 years of experience in immigration and labor law assisting companies in the food and beverage, agribusiness, financial, free zones, advertising and digital marketing, restaurants, and retail sectors. In terms of immigration law, he has advised multinational companies in the hiring and legalization of foreigners using the appropriate category and migration mechanisms, instructing Nicaraguans and foreigners with immigration processes abroad, and advising companies on projects from the immigration perspective for proper execution.

In terms of labor law, he provides advice to companies on hygiene and safety, social and labor security issues for proper operation and human resource management, providing the appropriate documents for the administrative management that the company requires. During his professional practice he has drawn up employment contracts, professional service contracts, documents for the proper functioning of the employment relationship (contract addendum, seniority advance, etc.), administrative appeals against MITRAB and INSS, internal labor regulations, contracts of outsourcing, participation and support for training to Human Resources Departments, review and preparation of labor settlements, representation of companies for cancellations of work contracts and collective suspension, among others.

He has advised non-profit organizations for regulatory compliance before the Ministry of the Interior, such as: election of the Board of Directors, reform of the Deed of Constitution and Statutes, preparation of minutes of the board of directors and general assembly of associates, among others.

  • Obtaining more than 200 temporary and permanent residences under the category of workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and pensioners.
  • Defense in ordinary labor processes and special jurisdiction to companies in the financial sector, retail, and agribusiness.
  • Preparation of outsourcing contracts for companies in the trade sector (call centers).
  • Participation in multiple due diligence projects for the purchase, merger and/or financing between national and foreign companies.
  • Law Degree, Universidad Centroamericana UCA, Nicaragua (2018)