Labor Law

Carlos Rodríguez

Senior Associate - El Salvador

Carlos is a senior associate in Consortium Legal – El Salvador. With more than 22 years of experience in the corporate area, specializing in Labor Law and Occupational Safety and Health.  

He acted as General Director of Social Prevention for the El Salvador’s Ministry of Labor, extending his knowledge on inspection of Occupational safety and health; he was also Regional Coordinator for the Project Sustainable Development for the Safety and occupational health in Central America y Dominican Republic (PRODESSO). 

Carlos has represented El Salvador in the International Labor Organization and the American Nations Organization. He has been consultant for international agencies, such as the Pan-American Health Organization and US AID, in projects such as the Proposal for National Policy of Occupational Safety and Health, Nationwide regulation and action plans for Risk Prevention.   

Additionally, Carlos has been Law Professor, specializing in Labor Law and Occupational Safety and Health; both in the University Degree in Legal Sciences, as in National and Regional Master of Labor Law and Human Resources. He is the author of books in labor law and different articles in directories and legal magazines. 

  • He is a permanent labor advisor to companies of diverse productive sectors, among which are WALMART, POLLO CAMPERO, AMCOR RIGID PLASTICS, THE OFFICE GURUS, FOCUS EL SALVADOR, COYATOC CONSTRUCCIONES, DOLLAR CITY, MCCORMICK, among others.
  • He has represented companies from different productive sectors in Labor Lawsuits and Sanctioning Proceedings before the Ministry of Labor in Labor and Occupational Health and Safety matters.
  • He has advised on Occupational Safety and Health matters to companies in the commercial and industrial sectors, and public entities and municipalities in the implementation of Diagnoses and Occupational Risk Prevention Programs, among which are DYCSA, CINEMARK, LANCARK and LANCARK, among others, CINEMARK, LANCASCO , KONEFETTY, TELUS, ISDEMU and ALCALDIA MUNICIPAL DE SOYAPANGO including CONSORTIUM EL SALVADOR, with an accreditation as an Advisory Company in Occupational Safety, from the Ministry of Labor for the years 2014-2016.
  • He carried out the revision of the Internal Manual of Labor Relations of the Embassy of the United States in El Salvador.
  • Doctorate in Private Law, Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado, El Salvador (2011)
  • Doctorate in Juridical Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain (2010)
  • Master’s Degree in Legal Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain (2009)
  • Bachelor’s in legal sciences, Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado, El Salvador (2001)
  • Attorney at Law and Notary Public authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of El Salvador