Our Values



We strive to give the best of ourselves in our area of work, with our clients and colleagues, seeing this effort as a form of personal and professional growth. We are aware that excellence is achieved through innovation, learning and agility. That is why we are always willing to give beyond the basic requirements, exceeding expectations.



Our actions are within the framework of what is right, we do not transgress our values in order to satisfy the interests of others or our own, we take the client’s problem as our own and we satisfy their needs within the framework of what is legal and ethical. We deliver the work in the time and cost offered, we report the hours worked effectively and accurately. We act correctly by complying with what is offered and taking responsibility for the results.



We are responsible for our actions and we are committed to fulfilling our commitments. We truly aim to produce excellent results in our performance and we are committed to fulfilling our commitments to our customers, colleagues, community, workers, suppliers and partners. We want our business, as a whole, to make a positive contribution to society.



We choose to have a fluid communication, deep trust and spirit of cooperation, as basic attitudes in every successful, working and professional relationship. The quality of the communications we maintain determines the quality of our relationships. Therefore, we develop these attitudes on a daily basis with the aim of improving the results obtained.



We recognize that working as a team and enjoying what we do makes a difference for our clients and ourselves. It makes our work fun, exciting and rewarding. That’s why we seek to provide a pleasant and productive work environment that channels potential and creativity while fostering mutual respect, collaboration and committed teamwork. Consortium Legal’s leaders have a special responsibility to foster collaboration and team participation, efforts necessary to successfully overcome the challenges we face.

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