Our Values



We strive to always give the best in each area of work, with our clients and colleagues, seeing this effort as a way of personal and professional growth. We are aware that excellence is achieved through innovation, learning and agility. We think objectively before acting, we solve problems in an organized and deliberate way, with a focus on quality.



Our actions are within the framework of what is right, we do not transgress the values in order to satisfy the interests of others or our own, we take the client’s problem as our own and meet their needs within the framework of the legal and ethical. We deliver the work according to the time and cost offered, reporting the hours worked effectively and accurately. We act correctly by complying with what was offered and taking responsibility for the results.



We are responsible for our actions, we aim to provide quality service and produce excellent results. We are aware of the implicit or explicit promise of our service and we align our expectations to fulfill every commitment made to our customers, shareholders, colleagues, community, members and suppliers; we want the service provided, as a whole, to generate a positive contribution to society. We have a great willingness to support, learn and accompany others.



We promote fluid communication with deep trust and honesty. Through trustful, empathic and respectful communication we also determine the quality of our relationships. Developing these attitudes on a daily basis allows us to always improve the results obtained in everything we do.



We recognize that working as a team and enjoying what we do makes a difference for our clients and ourselves; it makes our work challenging, exciting and rewarding. Therefore, we support and contribute to shared objectives, we seek to foster a pleasant and productive environment, which channels potential and creativity, while fostering mutual respect, a spirit of cooperation, dynamism and committed teamwork. Each leader of Consortium Legal has a special responsibility to foster collaboration and team participation, necessary efforts to successfully overcome the challenges we face.

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