At Consortium Legal we assume Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility, aware of the duty we have as professionals and human beings, to contribute to the sustainable economic development of our society.

We join efforts to work on sustainability projects focused on achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and on economic, social and environmental issues in all countries where we operate.

We belong to the Central American Integration Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (INTEGRARSE); an alliance of organizations promoting sustainability in Central America and the Caribbean that seeks to promote a permanent culture of corporate social responsibility in the region’s business community and effectively contribute to sustainable development and regional integration.

This commitment seeks to be reflected from our members, to customers, suppliers and the community. It is a great satisfaction for us to generate alliances that allow us to support causes and projects that promote the sustainability of our society; an example of this is the volunteer work, training and pro-bono legal support projects that are part of our sustainability programs.

At Consortium Legal we are confident that as part of the companies in our region committed to the sustainability and integral development of our countries, we must actively engage in supporting initiatives that lead to a real contribution to society.

We contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Objectives by promoting initiatives and projects that strengthen them.

CSR dimensions

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