We join efforts to work on Sustainability projects aimed at achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the economic, social, and environmental dimensions in all the countries where we operate.

We are part of the Network for Central American Integration for Corporate Social Responsibility (INTEGRARSE), an alliance of organizations promoting sustainability in Central America and the Caribbean. This alliance aims to foster a permanent culture of corporate social responsibility in the regional business community and effectively contribute to sustainable development and regional integration.

This commitment is reflected in our members, clients, suppliers, and the community. It is a great satisfaction for us to establish partnerships that support causes and projects promoting the sustainability of our society.

Divertisy & Inclusion Committee

Our firm

Our commitment

Education is a fundamental pillar for the advancement of society. We are committed to education at all levels, which allows us to raise awareness and bring about true changes towards a more equitable society.

We are committed to the approval and publication of our inclusion and diversity policy.

We strive to work towards the Women's Empowerment Principles and provide updates on the WEP's Gender Gap Analysis Tool.

We will continue to make efforts to create a gender-inclusive firm.

At Consortium, we believe that an environment free from gaps attracts the best talent, drives innovation, brings differentiation to our clients, and helps us build a more equitable society. That is why we have partnered with organizations such as UN Women and AED to strengthen our policies and practices regarding equity and human rights.

We would like to share our journey regarding diversity and inclusion:

  • 2019
  • 2019
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • - 2019

    Diagnosis of gaps in the firm, which would allow us to create an action plan to reduce and even eradicate them.
  • - 2019

    We signed our commitment to the WEP’s Women’s Empowerment Principles.
  • - 2021

    A diversity and inclusion committee was created to enable us to move the firm towards the desired standards.
  • - 2022

    Creation of an equal opportunity policy for men and women. Continuous training plan for the firm’s senior leadership.

Pro-Bono Committee

Our commitment to Pro Bono

Pro Bono work is an integral part of our firm’s sustainability policy. At Consortium Legal, we believe that our legal team has a responsibility to provide pro bono legal services. This responsibility arises from their role in society and their implicit commitment to promoting access to a fair and equitable legal system. It is also supported by our commitment to the Vance Center through the Pro Bono Declaration signed in 2008, which sets a goal of 20 pro bono hours per lawyer annually.


Consortium has been recognized for its work in the “Keep Families Together” initiative by the Vance Center. This initiative was a response to the family separation crisis resulting from the “zero tolerance” policy implemented by the United States Department of Justice.

We would like to share some of the organizations we support through pro bono assistance:

  • Fundación Quinta Margarita
  • Alterfin SC
  • Funsepa (Fundación Sergio Paiz)
  • Cyrus R. Vance Center
  • Asociación Guatemalteca de Profesionales de Gestión Humana
  • Asociación IsraAID Guatemala
  • Fundación Rozas Botrán
  • Guatefuturo
  • Asociación Days for Girls
  • CentraRSE – Fe y Alegría
  • Asociación La Alianza
  • Fundación Pro Bono
  • Asociación Coni
  • United Play
  • Red Pro Bono de las Américas
  • Asociación de Rotarios de Artes y Letras
  • Asociación Civil Alianza por la Nutrición
  • Fundación Julia Díaz
  • Pintando el cambio
  • Party & Gift
  • Cyrus R. Vance Center
  • Asociación de Secretarias de El Salvador
  • Embajada de Panamá
  • Operación Sonrisa
  • Casa Alianza
  • Fundación Monge
  • Fundación Teletón
  • Operación Sonrisa
  • Trustlaw
  • The Earth Education Project
  • Fundación Violeta Chamorro
  • UNIRSE (Responsabilidad Social Empresarial)
  • Hogar de Ancianos Orotina
  • La Ruta del Clima
  • Climate Governance Initiative
  • Fútbol MX
  • Centro Mexicano de Filantropía
  • Eco Village for Children & Women of Costa Rica
  • Unspoken Smiles
  • Sugar Apple
  • Fundación Familia en Alianza
  • Green Wolf
  • Fashion with Heart Costa Rica
  • Harvard Bank of Food
  • Fundación Biónica
  • Enviajarme

Innovation Committee

Our Commitment to Innovation

In an increasingly technological and digital world, it is vital for law firms to embrace innovation and technology as tools that support the improvement of service quality and efficiency.

Our firm

Our commitment

We are committed to continuous improvement of our processes, actively listening to our clients and their needs.

We are committed to proactivity for the benefit of the businesses and sectors we serve.

We are committed to identifying legal risks and opportunities that allow us to anticipate global trends.

Environmental Committee

Our commitment to the Environment

At Consortium we are committed to an appropriate environmental management that fits our operation, thus trying to improve our management from a sustainability approach. We have generated internal policies that promote our responsibility as professionals and individuals on our natural resources and the environment.

This is why we are committed to working on a program in line with the Blue Flag initiative, in which we work on the following aspects:

  • Evaluate the environmental aspects associated with our activities as a law firm, carrying out the appropriate measures to maximize the benefits and minimize our impacts.
  • Analyze improvement actions that allow us to reduce consumption and thus contribute to the preservation of natural resources during the execution of our professional practice.
  • Generate awareness of the environmental footprint that each of us generates in the execution of our work in our office, as well as good practices extended to our homes.

Our achievements