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Why us?

With over 17 years of regional experience, our strong references from major local and international banks demonstrate that we are undisputed leaders in banking and finance. Our extensive history in financial transactions has resulted in a deep practical understanding of the regulatory landscape, making us the chosen firm for first-class legal advice in the financial industry.

The emergence of technology initiatives and developments in the financial sector in recent years has led to unprecedented innovation and the creation of a new ecosystem of entrepreneurs and companies worldwide, continuously offering a wide range of financial products and services based on novel technological platforms. The challenges and opportunities presented by this technological disruption are diverse. They include regulatory aspects, new uses of databases, digital signatures, electronic seals, authentication methods, digital assets, investment and entrepreneurship opportunities, business structuring, digital banking, applications of technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, among others. There is also the challenge of increasing financial inclusion in society and fostering collaborations between traditional banks and financial companies with new Fintech companies.

We provide advice on regulatory matters, fintech, including cryptoassets, tax structuring, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, financial crime, and dispute resolution.

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