Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

“The lawyers demonstrate a very high level of knowledge, great availability, and commitment,” comments a client, adding that “the service quality stands out.”
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Why us?

Navigating through changing tax laws, dynamic market developments and the complex landscape of family business scenarios presents a primary wealth planning challenge for individuals, families, private companies, not-for-profit organizations, and fiduciaries alike. At Consortium Legal, our specialists approach these challenges with a solid commitment to meticulous planning and safeguarding your financial interests.

Our experience extends from comprehensive support for individuals and families to trustees and fiduciaries with estates across the entire spectrum of estate planning. This includes expert strategic tax planning, meticulous structuring of wills and trusts, facilitation of charitable contributions, and skillful navigation of estate litigation. We are recognized as leading attorneys in the field of wealth planning, proudly representing the region’s prominent families, ensuring that their wealth is accurately managed and protected in the face of a dynamic legal and market landscape.


  • Estate Planning: We develop customized estate planning strategies to optimize asset management and ensure a seamless transition from generation to generation.
  • Family Trusts: We implement family trusts to ensure efficient and secure asset management, preserving financial stability for future generations.
  • Preparation of wills and inheritance: We guide our clients in drafting detailed and strategic wills, ensuring the effective distribution of assets and the protection of their loved ones.
  • Child protection advice: We provide legal guidance to ensure the continued protection and well-being of minors, including the appointment of guardians and inheritance management.

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