Stock Market

Stock Market

In the stock market area, we have a specialized team that has advised financial groups, exchange posts, mutual fund management companies, investment bankers and security issuers, stock and debt securities, as well as institutional and sophisticated investors. Our experience in this area puts us at the forefront of advising on regulatory matters in stock market and financial law.

  • Registration, listing, modification, and unsubscription of public offering securities issues
  • Registration, listing, and unsubscription of exchange posts, custodians, and investment fund management companies
  • Registration, listing, modification, and unsubscription of investment funds, including real estate and project development funds
  • Design of structures and financing vehicles for public and private offerings
  • Advice on the provision of trade execution services, portfolio management, and investment advice
  • Mergers and acquisitions of regulated entities, including takeover bids (TOB) and due diligence processes
  • Legal counseling on regulatory issues; compliance with periodic reporting obligations of regulated entities
  • Management and representation in disciplinary proceedings before entities in charge, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and judicial proceedings of regulated entities
  • Asset securitization
  • Negotiation and formalization of capital market operations


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