Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

“The lawyers at Consortium Legal have a strong commercial awareness and know how to handle and maintain a strong client relationship.”
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Why us?

With over 200 lawyers with multidisciplinary backgrounds, our value lies in the broad range of specialization and experience that make up our team. Our team’s knowledge and practice across industries allow us to provide meticulous and thorough legal advice.

As strategic allies to our client’s businesses, we analyze risks, policies, and processes – all with strict compliance supervision – to help them create value for their company. Preventive advice is our preferred solution strategy, so we design and advise on adequate processes in compliance with relevant regulations and according to the highest ethical standards.


Within the services we offer to our clients, we highlight the following:

    • Review of practices and procedures for the determination of existing legal risks.
    • Identification of risks and delegation of responsibilities (Risk Assessment).
    • Development and adaptation to international regulations and standards of the risk management and mitigation plan.
    • Advisory on the management of the entity’s legal risks.
    • Training on the implementation of compliance services.
    • Preventive audits and monitoring of the compliance program.
    • Support in the management of the compliance officer.
    • Sector-specific regulatory compliance strategies.
    • Internal investigations.
    • Develop and review privacy policies.
    • Elaborate and review informed consents.
    • Draft and review clauses related to data protection in various contracts (commercial, services, banking, labor).
    • Review of contracts related to personal data transfers.

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