Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

At present, companies and organizations are exposed to greater scrutiny and more regulations of different nature and hierarchy, therefore, they are more exposed to the risk of regulatory breach that may affect financial, operational, and reputational levels.

The compliance function coupled with the evaluation of business risks and internal controls, become a strategic tool to generate greater competitiveness and create value for the organization, customers, and the market, as well as minimize the economic consequences of a breach. The management of regulatory compliance is recommended to provide the client with tools based on the best international practices and continuous improvement in terms of legal compliance, transparency, corporate ethics, and good governance, according to the size, structure, nature, and complexity of the organization.

Consortium Legal provides the following services in the regulatory compliance area:

  • Regulatory compliance management advice
  • Identification of the regulations that cover and affect an organization and its activities, as well as understanding and adapting to new regulatory requirements
  • Identification and management of the risks derived from possible contraventions of legal and regulatory obligations, as well as contraventions of their own or sectoral codes of conduct, international standards, or other commitments or adopted agreements.
  • Advice on how to establish, develop, execute, evaluate, maintain, and improve an effective compliance management system within the organization (identification, administration, compliance risk monitoring, risk ownership, internal culture)
  • Audits of compliance systems
  • Advice on best international practices and on continuous improvement in matters of legal compliance, transparency, corporate ethics and corporate governance, based on principles of good governance, proportionality, transparency and sustainability, according to the size, structure, nature, and complexity of the organization
  • Sectoral regulatory compliance strategies
  • Advice on operational implications of regulations
  • Corporate governance and internal control models
  • Market discipline
  • Advice relating to sectoral supervision requirements; control and follow-up of strategies and tactics of regulatory compliance; preventive, and corrective action plans
  • Corporate Compliance Information System
  • Review of normative projects, training, and refresher courses


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