Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

LConsortium Legal’s real estate practice is recognized for providing advice on complex, sophisticated transactions with both short and long term development. With a high specialization in purchases, sales and rentals, planning of residential real estate developments, in horizontal property, corporate, tourism including the structuring of financing.

Along with other practice areas of our firm at local and regional levels, such as banking and finance, environmental, corporate and tax law, we provide comprehensive advice, especially in real estate financing, purchase and sale operations, project development, and capital market issues.

Our experience includes services such as:

  • Analysis and formalization of agreements between partners
  • Structuring, negotiation, and documentation of real estate transactions (e.g., reserves, promises, purchase and sale transactions)
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Registry and cadastral survey of real estate properties
  • Planning of legal/fiscal sales strategy for real estate projects
  • Urban development, finance, corporate, and tax counseling for real estate operations
    • Legal advice on purchase, sale, planning, development and administration in real estate issues for commercial, touristic, industrial, and residential, as well as mixed projects
    • Counseling on real estate administration and coordination of real estate development projects
    • Assistance in the international real estate administration and coordination
    • Counseling in the negotiation and drafting of real estate agreements
    • Legal advice for outlining of real estate lease agreements
    • Counseling in financing operations or granting of real estate collateral
    • Legal guidance on urban and rural real estate transactions
    • Legal advice for the regulation and cutback of risks affecting real estate
    • Corporate structure design for real estate development, administration, and investment
    • Statutory audits for real estate issues
    • Counseling in real estate conflicts and lawsuits
    • Support in mandatory administrative proceedings in order to obtain the licenses, permits, and other requirements for the operation and development of real estate projects
  • Formalization of agreements with project contractors
  • Legalization of bridge loans and escrows surrounding real estate projects
  • Establishment of a horizontal property regime, like a condominium, and outlining of its corresponding regulations
  • Assistance in drafting trust agreements as a means of planning and managing funds and real estate structures


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