Labor Law

Labor Law

"Their knowledge and experience of labour legislation is excellent. They do not just provide their opinions, but also propose solutions. They are specialist labour lawyers, which makes a big difference."

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The Labor Law team in all our offices has more than 15 years of experience and preparation in the development of processes and products aimed at preventive and proactive advice on labor legal matters. We provide labor advice to many industries with differing compliance requirements yet always with an eye toward growing the company and making it more competitive.


Through legal service supported by accredited technical specialists, we can reduce prolonged labor disputes while increasing morale and retention of personnel.


We believe in providing preventive advice, which is why we conduct training and seminars on labor matters for in-house attorneys and HR teams allowing them to avoid common mistakes.


We are experts in:

  • Labor assessment to identify corporate contingencies.
  • Drafting and design of staff selection and recruitment schemes.
  • Training of Human Resources departments, as well as other corporate departments, seeking proper implementation of everything related to labor relations with their employees.
  • Review and structuring of labor recruiting guidelines.
  • Counseling and co-management of internal disciplinary procedures, regarding the investigation of workplace and sexual harassment.
  • Support and training on preventive measures and active management, surrounding the establishment or presence of unions within a company.
  • Legal advice on negotiation procedures related to collective bargaining and company agreements.
  • Counseling and representation in administrative labor proceedings before labor and/or social security authorities.
  • Corporate training on current labor issues and specific labor needs.


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