Immigration Law

Immigration Law

“Consortium Legal has a team of experienced lawyers who are available to advise our company in a coordinated manner.”
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Why us?

We are a practice area that works interdisciplinary with other legal practice areas, allowing us to provide comprehensive and high-quality advice to our clients. Given our extensive experience in the challenging processes of hiring foreign employees, we represent local and foreign companies, with or without local presence, in their hiring processes.

We are official agents for leading global companies in the market who trust our successful track record in serving their clients. We also offer immigration assistance and regularization services to our foreign clients and executives of multinational companies, implementing best immigration practices for work, business, or residency purposes.

Our fixed fees allow our clients to effectively control their legal expenses without any surprises.


Our portfolio of services, tailored to meet your regional business needs, includes:

  • Obtaining and renewing temporary or permanent residency under any of the recognized categories established by our immigration laws.
  • Obtaining and renewing business visas for individuals conducting business activities in the country.
  • Immigration Legal Advisory and Compliance.
  • Obtaining and renewing work permits for foreign employees working in the country.
  • Obtaining single or multiple exit visas, entry consultation visas, passports, and exit visas for minors.
  • Extension of stay in the country beyond the initial authorized period.
  • Obtaining and authenticating birth certificates, health certificates, and criminal record certificates for immigration purposes.
  • Citizenship and Nationality.
  • Cancellation of temporary residency, permanent residency, or business visas.

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