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Why us?

The emergence of technology initiatives and developments in the financial sector, in recent years, has generated unprecedented innovation, along with the rise of a new ecosystem of entrepreneurs and companies worldwide that continues to grow, offering a wide range of financial products and services based on innovative technological platforms.

The challenges and opportunities presented by this technological disruption are diverse. Among them are regulatory aspects, new uses of databases, digital signatures, electronic seals and authentication methods, digital assets, investment and entrepreneurship opportunities, business structuring, digital banking, applications of technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and more. Additionally, there is the challenge of increasing financial inclusion in society and fostering collaborations between traditional banks and financial institutions with new Fintech companies. These aspects present legal challenges that require specialized advisory.

Consortium Legal’s Fintech practice team is composed of prominent professionals with recognized experience and expertise in areas such as Banking and Finance, Securities, Insurance, Regulatory Compliance, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Taxes, Intellectual Property, Consumer Law, Privacy and Data Protection, and Litigation. The interaction of these specialists, combined with their business-oriented approach, provides a comprehensive outlook on the challenges and opportunities presented by these exponential technologies and the businesses surrounding them, aiming to meet the needs of clients in the digital era within a regulatory environment that is evolving to adapt to this phenomenon.


Our portfolio of services tailored to your regional business needs includes:

  • Regulatory analysis.
  • Incorporation of special purpose anonymous society.
  • Registration with the regulator.
  • Consultations with the regulator.
  • Review and preparation of Manuals, Documents, and Policies required by regulations.
  • Consultations on data protection, consumer protection, taxes, AML.
  • Regional services covering one or several of the aforementioned points.
  • Drafting contracts (suppliers, clients, etc.).
  • Periodic updates on news and regulatory changes.
  • Identification of complementary services required for operations.

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