For several years now, the emergence of technological initiatives and developments in financial services, or “Fintech” has generated unprecedented innovation in financial markets, as well as the rise of a new ecosystem of entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.  It offers a new and wide range of financial products and services based on innovative technological platforms.

This technological explosion presents a multitude of challenges and opportunities regarding regulatory aspects, new use of databases, digital signatures, electronic seals, authentication methods, virtual accounts, investment and entrepreneurship opportunities, business structuring, digital banking, and technology applications, such as blockchain, cognitive computing, and big data.  It also presents the challenge of increasing financial inclusion in society and collaborations among banks and traditional financial institutions through new Fintech companies.  These challenges and developments give rise to legal issues that require specialized advisors.

Consortium Legal’s Fintech practice teams in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica consist of outstanding professionals with recognized reputations and expertise in areas such as: Banking and Finance, Securities, Insurance, Regulatory Compliance, Real Estate, Corporate, Taxes, Intellectual Property, Consumer Law, Privacy and Data Protection, and Litigation. The interaction between these specialists along with their business-oriented perspective offers a comprehensive approach to the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies and businesses.


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El Salvador

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Costa Rica

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