Required documents for traveling from El Salvador abroad

  1. Salvadorans of legal age

Salvadorans, like all foreigners, require certain permits to enter and exit the country. For air travel, they only need their valid passport, but for land entry, their unique identity document is sufficient. However, when leaving El Salvador, in addition to a valid passport, they must verify, depending on their destination, if the passport’s validity meets entry requirements and if they have the necessary visas required by each country.

  1. Salvadoran minors

Minors leaving the country must have a valid passport and be accompanied by both parents. In cases where one or both parents do not travel with the minor, a notarized letter of consent for the minor’s exit, signed by the mother, father, or both, as applicable, must be prepared. It’s important to note that the requirement for a minor’s exit permit is only applicable to Salvadoran children or adolescents.

  1. Central Americans

Central Americans belonging to the CA-4 and wishing to enter or leave El Salvador by land only need their valid national identification. If traveling by air, they must have their passport with at least six months of validity.

  1. Foreigners with residency

Regardless of nationality, all foreigners must enter the country with their valid residence card and passport. If residency is being processed, they should enter as tourists with their passports along with their admission documents, confirming that the residency process is underway. If the corresponding residency card expires while outside the country, they must enter as tourists with their passport and the visa required by the corresponding country.

  1. Foreigners Category A

Foreigners from a country classified as Category A (Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Mexicans, etc.) can enter the country only with a passport valid for at least six months.

  1. Foreigners Category B

Countries categorized as Category B must enter with a valid passport and a consular visa stamped on it. This visa should be requested at the nearest Salvadoran consulate of the interested party. Additionally, a special entry permit can be processed online directly with the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners, enabling foreigners classified as Category B to enter the country. Finally, if such a foreigner holds a visa from a Category A country (Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Mexicans, etc.), they will automatically be considered Category A and can enter the country only with their passport.

  1. Foreigners Category C

Countries categorized as Category C must enter the country with a passport valid for six months and a consular visa, which must be requested and authorized by the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners. Additionally, they can opt for a special entry permit issued online by the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners.”