Extension for entry into force of Salvadoran Technical Regulation

Dear friends and clients:

According to the Publication in the Official Gazette dated May 18 of this year, the Executive Body in the branch of economy by means of Executive Agreement Number 433, the National Quality Council (CNC) announced the approval of the new one-year extension for the entry into force of the Salvadoran Technical Regulation RTS. 01.02.01:18 Metrology International System of Units (SI).

The purpose of the aforementioned regulation is to define the magnitudes, units of measurement and corresponding symbols of the International System of Units (SI) and other units outside the SI, which have been recognized by the General Conference of Weights and Measures (CGPM), as well as to establish a common language that responds to the current requirements of the different measurement activities in the country.

Taking into account the new extension given by the Ministry of Economy, the aforementioned regulation becomes effective as of June fourth, two thousand and twenty-four, so we invite readers to whom this extension may apply, to make the necessary adjustments for the implementation of the regulation.


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