New guidelines for the exit of children and adolescents from guatemalan territory

By: Cristina Sandoval

Today, some reforms to the General Regulations of the Guatemalan Migration Code were published in the Official Gazette, which stipulate, among other issues, new guidelines for the exit of children and adolescents from Guatemalan territory.

Guatemalan children and adolescents who leave the country must do so in the company of their parents or legal guardians. In case they leave alone, accompanied by a third party or with only one of their parents, they must carry an authorization that must comply with the following:

  • It must determine the persons who may accompany them.
  • Present original and copy of the document accrediting parental authority, guardianship or guardianship and birth certificate or court order.
  • Must be contained in:
    • Power of attorney with legalization of signatures.
    • Notarial act.
    • Testimony or simple legalized copy of public deed (mandate).
    • Consular document legalized or apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala.
    • Certification of the document issued by a jurisdictional organ.
  • In case one or both parents are outside Guatemala, the authorization must be made before the Diplomatic or Consular Mission of Guatemala accredited abroad, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a photocopy of the identification document of the person who is outside Guatemala and birth certificate of the minor.

This authorization is presented before the Air, Maritime and Land Migratory Control Delegations of the Sub-Directorate of Migratory Control. 

In the case of foreign children and adolescents, they may leave the national territory if they carry the identification documentation issued in their country of origin or residence. 

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