Law for the promotion of innovation and manufacturing technologies in El Salvador

By: Suzanne de Tablas

The “Law for the Promotion of Innovation and Manufacturing of Technologies” was recently approved by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly with 69 votes in favor. The purpose of this law is the following:

  • Contribute to the economic growth and sustainable development of El Salvador.
  • Accelerate innovation and technological manufacturing such as microelectronic and semiconductor components.
  • Lead the development of advanced technology manufacturing in Latin America.
  • Expand and diversify Salvadoran human talent for technological manufacturing.

The incorporation of this new law and the guarantee of the necessary and indispensable conditions will make it possible to attract direct foreign investment and establish sophisticated technological operations in the country.  This technological development will positively impact El Salvador’s transformation process.

Two examples of foreign investment in the Central American region that reflect the positive results of these investments and that are huge references to attract new investments are: INTEL in Costa Rica and Aeroman in El Salvador. These companies have enabled the development of the technology industry at a global level.

Aeroman is a prestigious leader in the supply of heavy maintenance, modification and painting of airframes for various aircraft of important and prestigious airlines worldwide and has been operating in El Salvador for more than 35 years. From the International Airport of El Salvador, Aeroman has been providing the highest quality maintenance services to different aircrafts in six of its hangars.

Access to new technologies has allowed the transfer of technical knowledge to Salvadoran skilled labor to receive training in prestigious factories where commercial airplanes are assembled in different countries around the world.

Within this transformation, Intellectual Property has become an important instrument in the field of research and development. It plays a vital role in the innovation of product processes, which allows greater visibility and generates greater value in the market.

All the above mentioned, added to the fact that El Salvador has a robust legal system that allows an adequate protection of intellectual property rights, industrial property, and copyrights, leads us to the conclusion that the Law for the promotion of innovation and manufacture of technologies is a perfect complement for the whole field of Intellectual Property.