Monthly purchase declaration (DMC) in Honduras

By: Aida Sierra

Due to the reclassification of taxpayers that took effect in January 2023, many of them were classified as medium and large taxpayers, which meant a change in their tax obligations. An example of these is the obligation to file the Monthly Declaration of Purchases or DMC.

The Monthly Sales Tax Purchases Declaration was created through Agreement DEI-SG-276-2015, and is an informative declaration that contains the receipts of the purchases made by the taxpayer during the period to be reported.

Individuals and/or businesses classified as large or medium taxpayers are required to file the DMC and are subject to the filing and/or payment of the Sales Tax Return, including those under special regimes and other taxpayers that exercise commercial operations, even if they are exempt from paying taxes.

For taxpayers’ convenience, the DMC can be generated and uploaded through the DET-Live application, and subsequently it must be filed through the virtual office.  The deadline for filing this return is during the first twenty (20) days of the month following the month in which the taxpayer made the purchases or imports.

The consequence of failure to file the DMC will be a penalty for non-compliance with formal obligations, in application of the provisions of Article 160 of the Tax Code in force.

Taxpayers must identify the classification in which they fall, as well as the deadlines established for the filing of the declaration. In this way, they will be able to comply with this obligation in due time and form.