Bank letter to apply for temporary residency as a renter in Costa Rica

In accordance with the General Law of Migration and Foreigners, and its respective regulations, any foreigner requesting temporary residence as an income earner must provide proof of monthly income from abroad or from Costa Rica, amounting to a minimum of two thousand five hundred dollars.

When the income is generated within the national territory, the proof of such income must be issued by banks within the Costa Rican financial system. For this purpose, the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners (DGME) has made available a recommended format of a letter for demonstrating the income, which we share and attach herewith.

The use of this format is entirely optional; however, we believe it provides a clear and concise idea of what the immigration authorities require to fulfill this requirement.

The procedure for obtaining temporary residence as an income earner is regulated under Article 82 of Law 8764, and its requirements are established starting from Article 99 of the Foreigner’s Regulation.

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